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FAQs and Resources

What insurance companies do you work with?

We work with all major insurance providers. KRS uses the Xactimate program requested by all insurance carriers. KRS will provide all needed documentation including measurements, moisture readings, and photos.

What’s the first thing I should do if I have a flood?

If you have an active leak, you should immediately turn the water supply off. (It is important to know where this is located on the property.) Contact KRS and we will be on site to discuss the necessary steps.

KRS recommends contacting your insurance provider directly after the loss occurs.

How long will mitigation take?

Typical dry time is between 3 – 5 days after all wet materials have been removed.

How do you know what’s damaged or wet?

We use various detection meters including non-penetrating meters, probe meters, thermal cameras, and borescope.

Do we need drying equipment, or will it dry out by itself?

Equipment is used to dry the structure to an acceptable level. Without drying equipment, there is an increased risk of secondary damage including microbial growth.

Can anyone mitigate our property?

KRS recommends hiring a IICRC Certified Firm for all water, fire, and mold mitigation. Using a contractor who is not trained, experienced, or insured for mitigation work is a great risk to you and your home.

Should we save the carpet padding?

Carpet padding is difficult to dry and cost effective to replace. Removing carpet pad will drastically reduce the overall dry time.

Are you going to cut into the drywall the first day?

KRS and the State of Colorado require all jobs to be tested for asbestos prior to removing the materials. This test typically takes 24 hours to receive results from the laboratory.

Do we need a vapor barrier in a crawl space?

Installing a vapor barrier will eliminate ground water/humidity from entering the crawlspace and affecting the structure.

How do you know if there is mold in a room if you can’t see it?

KRS recommends performing an air sample test if you are concerned with microbial growth and unsure of the source. A good sign of water damage and microbial growth is a musty odor.